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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's been a while.

I haven't been posting a lot lately because a) I've been busy with taking photos of screaming children with Santa, as that is how I am earning money. And b) I've been getting way too carried away with my sewing.

Unfortunately I have no photos so I'll have to make another post later. I've made a dress similar to the first one I posted (peter pan collared, red and white) but I altered it to be sleeveless. I used the dark red fabric with the faces on it and it looks really good. Because I knew what to do with it, it turned out a lot better than my first one (but that is still my favourite!).
I also finally ventured to East Coast Fabrics, a wholesale fabric shop in Springwood with the cheapest fabric on the planet. I ended up with four seperate pieces of fabric (three were 2.4 metres and one was 1) and it only cost me $47! Can I hear a booyah? So then obviously I had to buy another sewing pattern to suit the fabrics I bought and, well, one thing led to another and I've got a new skirt to wear. Yay!

This feels weird not posting photos so I'll do that once I get home from work!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Do you come here often?

This morning marked the fifth time I've been to Bargain Box (the local fabric store) in a space of a week. My nan was after some wadding to make an advent calender for my cousin for Christmas, so I tagged along in hopes of finding some new fabric. At the moment they have a 'red tag' sale on some fabrics so I decided to have a look and found this gorgeous dark red fabric with faces on it. I practically had to beg my nan to get it for me because there was no way I was going to leave without it.
I'm going to attempt to convert the Peter Pan collard dress pattern so its sleeveless, and probably do the collar in black. I can't wait! I also made a shirt this morning out of the fabric I found at Alec's house. It was super easy and it's very comfortable. The sides are super wide so it's perfect to wear with a high waisted skirt (which I'm doing right now)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

I decided I wanted to make a dress for Christmas, because I end up going to a lot of different houses around that time to celebrate and I want to look nice! So when I saw this pattern I knew I had to have it. I used Butterick B5315. Unfortunately they didn't have the 6-14 patterns, so I had to get the 16-24. In the end it fitted perfectly though. Which is great.
It's only crinkly because I wore it today!
I took it for a spin today because the Red Cross store I work in had its VIP afternoon. Unfortunately the suburb I live in is not the best place so I got a lot of funny looks. But who cares when I'm the one wearing a great dress I made myself! I now have to make my friend one for Christmas. She's requested blue so I'm hoping to do blue with a black collar.
I blacked out the junk on my floor and my face because who on earth would want to see that 
In other news, I've started to write bits of my novel that I wrote notes about down a while ago. I was hoping to do write it for NaNoWriMo but November is end of year exam time so I never get a chance. Oh well.

Monday, 21 November 2011


I'm at my boyfriend's house and his mum just got a whole bunch of fabric and other bits from her friend, so I've been rummaging through them all morning. We found some really good fabric (and a box full of bias tape which I've claimed!) and I found a really old sewing pattern for a nightdress. It's dated 1973 and I'm a bit clueless on the instructions but I think with a bit of help I'll be able to make one.
I've started sewing a lot lately which I knew was inevitable, considering that I do almost everything else. I made my very first dress yesterday, so I'll post about that later.
I also bought a pattern a couple of weeks ago for a rather cute dress with a peter pan collar. It was the only one that I could find and it's just over knee length, which sucks because long dresses make me look ridiculously stumpy. It was also only available in 16-24 which also sucks as I'm a solid 14. The lady however said that it would be quite easy to modify to my size so I'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to find some nice red material so I can wear it during Christmas time! I'll post a picture of it later as I'm using Alec's computer and his webcam doesn't let me take photos without being on a website.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


So I've been living with my nan for a year and a half now, and I've never done anything to make my room really feel like home. I decided to go searching for some sewing projects to spice it up a little and stumbled across this tutorial to make a pillowcase. It was incredibly easy and I loved the way it turned out! I'm thinking of making them for everyone for christmas. Tacky, I know, but I'm broke and sewing is fun!
I used to have one of these blogs before but alas, Tumblr got the best of me and I've spent the better half of two years on it. After seeing one of the girls on there have her on Blogspot, I kind of decided I'd like one again too. It's the holidays for about five months (maybe even more if I do a different degree next year) so I'll probably spend most of it making ridiculously awesome and probably pointless things. I know a lot of people won't read this but oh well, it's a way to keep me entertained and I'll probably forget about it anyway